Best multimeters for Home use: 10 Picks of 2020’s

Of all the electrical and electronic maintenance tools, a multimeter is a must have tool.Just as is the case for any other maintenance tool, you owe it to yourself to get this- just because you’ll be using it for home maintenance does not mean that you could settle for low quality.

Speaking of low quality, getting the best multimeter for home use is no easy task. There’s a lot that you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to this which you can all find out about from our buying guide on choosing the best multimeter.

In this section, however, it’s all about giving you the best. By the best, I mean the safest, the most durable and the most user-friendly multimeters. We’ll be taking a look at 10 of these.

Besides just a review of 10 of the best, you’ll also have a product listing of our top 3 picks which you can look at down below.

Before you can delve into an in-depth review of the top 10, let us save you the trouble of having to read all through by presenting to you 3 of our best selections. 

multimeters Reviews That good For Home Use

Moving on to the second section of our review, how about we take a look at 10 of the best multimeters for home use? Let’s kick off our review.

1. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

Editor's Rating


Though it’s a manual ranging multimeter, it’s got an overload protection, a protective rubber, a support stand and a support stand as well.

If you’ll be needing a multimeter for home use, then you most probably will be needing it for automotive maintenance as well. With this multimeter designed to handle both of these, then you’ll definitely be working with the best.

Ease of use.

The display on this is large and more so has a backlit feature included. The visibility will not be a problem definitely.

Along with an outstanding display, it’s also got the data hold function. This will come in handy especially when you’re holding the multimeter with one hand and working with the other.

There is also the low battery indication feature which alerts you when it would be necessary to make a battery replacement.

Built to last.

For the construction quality, the AstroAi digital multimeter has got protective rubber corner guards which will provide drop protection.

A bonus to the build quality is a kickstand at the back. If you intend to be using it on your workbench, you can simply pop this open and take your measurements comfortably.

Overload protection on all ranges.

With the presence of a fuse within it, it will have overload protection on all ranges hence you won’t have to worry about blowing it up; all you’ll have to do is replace the switch and that’s it.


  • With the rubber corner guard, it’s definitely meant to take a beating.
  • The large and backlit display deems it ideal for use at any time
  • With the kickstand, you can use it hands-free


  • Regardless of being durable and user-friendly, it's an auto-ranging multimeter

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it have auto shut off?

A: no, it doesn’t

Q: does it have a fuse?

A: yes, it does have a fuse within it

Q: can it test amps?

A: yes, but DC current only.

Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeters

Editor's Rating


You’ll be using it for automotive and household maintenance conveniently. It’s got an overload protection and an outstanding display

Regardless of its simplicity, this digital multimeter will definitely give you a kick for your buck and for a multimeter for home use. Here’s what it’s got in store for you.


For a multimeter that you’ll only be using at home, it will basically be able to troubleshoot any of your equipment. It will basically measure continuity, current, voltage as well as resistance.

Just like the first multimeter we looked at, it will also prove quite handy for both automotive as well as household use.


With a large display that's got the backlit feature, you can use it at any time of the day. There is also a kickstand included at the rear which makes it possible to use it hands-free.

For durability, it’s been constructed with tough rubber sleeves which protects it from any potential drops. It is definitely constructed to take a beating, don’t you agree?

Safety protection.

With overload protection on all ranges, the multimeter will be completely safe regardless of how you use it. All you’ll be replacing will be a blown fuse which, as compared to purchasing a new multimeter is the better alternative


  • Large and backlit display for easy visibility.
  • Has got rubber sleeves that provide drop protection.
  • Comes with a kickstand for hands-free usage


  • It’s only a manual ranging multimeter hence you’ll be setting the range yourself

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it have a beep function for continuity?

A: yes

Q: is it a rechargeable multimeter?

A: no, works with 9V batteries

Q: can it work on RV and Marine batteries as well as car batteries?

A: yes, it can handle all these.

 AstroAI Digital Multimeter

Editor's Rating


It’s a true-RMS multimeter with auto ranging capabilities. The display is backlit and has a high resolution and there is also an overload protection

Yet another one from AstroAI is this 6000-count True-RMS digital multimeter. Let’s start with the most striking feature it’s got- the accuracy.

It’s a True-RMS multimeter. 

Possibly one of the few digital multimeters that you could use for both commercial, home use, and automotive use, this is TRMS multimeter will give you a kick for your buck.

It will be able to handle both the sinusoidal and the non-sinusoidal wave forms and in addition to being a true-RMS multimeter, it is also an auto-ranging multimeter. This means that it is faster to use it and ideal for a first-time user as well as an expert.


For the measurement functions, you’ll be able to handle pretty much anything- measures continuity, capacitance, frequency, current, resistance, and voltage.

It will also be coming with a k-type thermocouple for temperature measurement. With the multi functional socket, you’ll be able to measure both capacitors and transistors.

With a hanging magnet and a kickstand, you’ll not have to be holding the multimeter all the time. The hanging magnet can also function to store the multimeter when not in use.

Outstanding display

In addition to the outstanding features it’s got, the display is also one of a kind. Think of how awesome it would be working with a 6000-count display at all times.

Besides the high resolution, it’s also got the back-lit feature which pretty much makes it usable all the time. The data hold function freezes the displayed readings for you to easily note down.


  • True RMS feature for utmost accuracy.
  • A backlit display for easy use even in dim light.
  • Has got a hanging magnet and a kickstand for an easy time while using it.


  • The only problem may be the one-sheet manual it comes with

Frequently asked questions

Q: can it test up to 2000uFcapacitance?

A: yes, it can handle this

Q: does it measure DC and AC?

A: yes it does.

Q:can it offer test lead storage?

A: yes

 Crenova MS8233D Multimeter

Editor's Rating


It’s got a kickstand at the back; the display is backlit and it’s got the auto power off feature. It also does have overload protection from the double fuses within hence utmost durability

We're nearly halfway through our review already and we're doing good so far. Coming up 4th in our review is the Crenova MS8233D. Even though it’s got a compact appearance, there’s plenty more that it packs under the hood.

The display

Starting with what you'll be using pretty much every time, the display on this multimeter is an outstanding 3 ½ and in addition to this, it's got a backlit feature. The latter makes it possible for you to use the multimeter even in dimly lit environments.

Still, at the display, you can also enjoy the data hold function and the maximum value hold as well. The latter allows you to freeze the displayed readings to easily note them down whereas the former records the maximum value taken.

Overload protection

Within the multimeter is a double fuse which can protect it effectively. The overload protection is in all ranges and on top of this, there is also the PTC protection circuit for both resistance and frequency measurement.

Auto power off capability

After 15 minutes of being idle, the Crenova MS8233D will automatically shut off to save on battery power- definitely the best multimeter for home use.

You can recover from this by pushing any button or turning the rotary switch.

Also, it conforms with the IEC61010-1 and CAT II 600V overvoltage category and double insulation which qualifies it as being ideal for home use.


  • Auto-ranging functionality for utmost accuracy.
  • Has got a support stand at the back for hands-free usage
  • With the double fuse protection, the multimeter is protected in all ranges


  • Having the probes into an AC outlet doesn’t seem to work. It only shows -1.96kHz

Frequently asked questions

Q: Doesit have a beep continuity 

A: yes, it does have beep continuity

Q: Does it have two fuses?

A: yes it does.

Q: Can it measure in mV?

A: yes

Tacklife DM02S Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter Auto-ranging with NVCDigital Multimeter Auto-ranging with NVC

It comes with a backlit display, non-contact voltage testing and is designed to meet the IEC 61010-1 and CAT II 600V rating.

This multimeter can pretty much be able to handle any electrical problem you throw at it. As a matter of fact, it just so happens to be the multimeter of choice for both automotive and household maintenance. Let’s have a look at why this is the best multimeter for home use, shall we?

Quick response time

It’s definitely meant to make things simpler. This digital multimeter has got a 2-3 second for the sampling time which makes it ideal for troubleshooting household problems.

For added convenience, it’s got a large 3 1/2 -digit clear backlit display which will be ideal to use even in dim light.

Non-contact voltage

As compared to using test leads to take voltage measurement, the non-contact voltage feature on this multimeter is much safer to use.

If the voltage you’re measuring is anything greater than 90V, the buzzer and backlight will make continuous alarm

Overload protection

For overload protection, this multimeter is designed to obey the IEC61010-1 & CAT II 600V double insulation rating. This is yet another aspect that confirms it is indeed the best multimeter for home use.

Speaking of protection, the Tacklife DM02Sis equipped with a protective shell that protects the multimeter to a certain extent from bumping and falling down.


It's got the auto shut off feature that's triggered after 15 minutes and a support stand which makes it possible for you to use it hands-free


  • Designed to meet the IEC61010-1 CAT II 600V safety standard.
  • The display is large, backlit and has the auto shut off feature
  • Non-contact voltage measurement for safer and easy usage.


  • The problem seems to be that in some models the NCV doesn’t work properly

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it have a continuity beep?

A: yes, it does have a continuity beep

Q: is the display backlit?

A:yes, it is a backlit display

Q:how long does it take for the auto shut-off feature to be triggered?

A: it is triggered after 10 minutes.

INNOVA 3300 Hands-free Digital Multimeter

Editor's Rating


Conforms with UL certification, has got a kickstand as well as straps but despite all these, you’ll be setting the range yourself hence won’t be easy to use at first

The INNOVA 3300 is probably one of the best digital multimeters you could get out there as far as troubleshooting household and automotive problems are concerned.

Besides just being a hands-free multimeter, here’s the more it’s got to offer…

Features a 10 Megaohm circuitry. 

So as to prevent damage to sensitive electronics, you’ll be getting a 10 Megaohm circuitry. This ensures that you get to use the multimeter in almost any household application without damaging it or whichever component you are troubleshooting

UL certification

With UL listing, at least you’ll have peace of mind when using it to perform both household and automotive testing.

Hands-free testing

When it comes to hands-free testing, this multimeter has got test lead holders on each side. In addition to this, there is also a built-in support stand at the rear and straps as well. Whereas the support stand is ideal for using the multimeter on your workbench, the straps make it ideal to use it if you're moving around.


It is one of the easiest multimeters to use. It does come with a manual which is in different languages and the measuring stations around the dial are easy to read.


  • UL certification- guarantees safety for household use.
  • Features a 10 Megaohm circuitry which makes it possible to work on sensitive circuits.
  • Test lead holders and a support stand for hands-free usage


  • It may take some time for you to get around using it since the manual isn't that straightforward

Frequently asked questions

Q: can I use to check fuses?

A: yes, to be safe ensure the power supply is off

Q: can it be used to test motorcycle battery?

A: yes, you can use it for this

Q: is it durable enough?

A: yes, is designed to take a beating

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Editor's Rating


With the protective corner guards and the UL certification, it will definitely last for quite some time. The auto-ranging scale makes it easier to use than most

Yet another one from INNOVA is the INNOVA 3320. Unlike the 3300 that we’ve looked at above, this one has a lot more to offer. Here’s what you’ll be getting from it.

UL certification

By conforming to the UL certification, the multimeter is guaranteed as being suitable for use when troubleshooting household appliances.

Besides just being the best multimeter for home use, you could also use it for automotive maintenance.

Auto-ranging scale

For ease of use and to save you both the time and hassle of having to set the range yourself, it does have the auto-ranging function. This also eliminates any erroneous readings that could result from dialing in the wrong range.

Protective rubber corner guards

For the sake of durability, this multimeter has got protective rubber corner guards. These offer drop protection. It is definitely constructed to take a beating.

Hands-free testing

Besides just having the test lead storage on the sides, it also does have a kickstand at the back. The stand will come in handy while using the multimeter on your workbench and have both hands occupied. There is also a wrist strap which will come in handy of you’ll be moving around.


  • Auto-ranging scale eliminates the need to dial in the correct settings
  • The protective rubber corner guards offer drop protection
  • Features a large digital display and color-coded LEDs for battery quick check.


  • The probe connectivity may be a problem.

Frequently asked questions

Q: are the batteries replaceable?

A: yes, they are

Q: is the meter fuse protected?

A: yes, this is done by a 315mA Fuse

Q:can it tell how much battery life is left?

A: yes, it can do this

Neoteck Multimeter Carrying Case + Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Editor's Rating


The display is outstanding, it's got drop protection and overload protection as well. It also comes with a kickstand for hands-free usage

We are way past halfway with our review of the best multimeter for home use and we’re doing good so far. Let’s take a look at what the Neoteck pocket digital multimeter has for us, shall we?

CE rated multimeter.

By conforming to the CE rating, it is ideal for use when it comes to automotive maintenance and most importantly household maintenance.

Overload protection

Besides just being CE rated, it also has got overload protection. It uses a PTC circuit for resistance, frequency measurement, and double current fuses. It also meets the Euro safety standards IEC 61010-1 CAT II rating.

Drop protection

For the build quality and design, there is a nice protective orange shell all around it with a stand build. The casing is non-slip and will help with drop protection as well. As for the stand, you can place the multimeter at a 45-degree angle for easy visibility

Large backlit LCD display

From the large display alone, you can be able to make out the readings. In addition to just being large, it’s got the backlight function that makes it ideal for use in dim light.


  • Auto-ranging functionality makes it simpler to use.
  • Built to last- it’s got both drop protection and overload protection
  • A built-in stand for hands-free usage


  • Capacitance measurement may be a problem

Frequently asked questions

Q: can I calibrate the multimeter?

A: no, it’s not possible for user calibration

Q: what are its dimensions?

A:5.67'' x 2.8'' x 1.46''

Q: is this a 20 amp multimeter?

A: no, it has a 10-amp fuse on the high-amperage input

Tacklife DM01M advanced digital multimeter

Tacklife DM01M Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Manual RangingTacklife DM01M Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Manual Ranging

It’s got a backlit 6000-count display, overload protection and it has the non-contact voltage feature all of which qualify it as the best multimeter for home use.

If you’re all about getting a kick for every dime you spend on a digital multimeter, then the Tacklife DM01M is what you should go for. Besides the outstanding build quality and design, it’s got a lot more under the compact housing it comes in.

Non-contact voltage measurement

Though you can use the probes to measure voltage like in most of the other multimeters, this one comes with the non-contact voltage measurement. This is much safer to use since you won’t have to connect the multimeter to a circuit before you can use it.

Safety protection

For the sake of your own safety and that of the multimeter, it's got a 600mA and 10A fuse each of which provides safety for the multimeter.

There are also the advanced safety standards of EN61010-1-2-030 600v CAT IV, 1000V CAT III. Each of these renders it ideal for both household use and automotive maintenance as well.


Besides the non-contact voltage measurement, there is plenty more that you can be able to do with this digital multimeter. Included in the package is a k-type thermocouple and more so, you can handle AC/DC voltage testing, continuity testing as well as AC and DC current measurement

LCD backlight design

For the display, you’ll be getting a backlight that makes it possible to work in dim light. There is also an added flashlight at the back which works together with the backlit display to save on battery power.

Besides having a large display, it also has a data hold function and the display will automatically shut off if it stays idle for 15 minutes


  • Non-contact voltage measurement is safer and more convenient to use.
  • Auto shut off feature to save on battery power
  • Has got both the CAT IV and CAT III safety measurements which makes it ideal to use in a number of applications


  • May have a bad connection with the test leads.

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it really have the non-contact capability?

A: yes, it does

Q: does it come with a thermocouple sensor?

A: yes, it does come with a thermocouple sensor

Q: does it come with auto shut off capability?

A: yes.

Tacklife Digital Multimeter, DM03B

If you’re all about simplicity, then you should definitely take a look at this digital multimeter. Here’s what it’s got in store for you.

Though it's manual ranging, it has the auto power off feature, has got overload protection for safety and durability and the backlit display renders it usable at all times


When it comes to troubleshooting general household appliances, this digital multimeter will definitely be able to do pretty much anything you throw at it. It’s got a continuity buzzer, can measure resistance, AV and DC voltages and can also measure DC current.

It’s manual ranging.

It comes with a manual range dial which makes it easy to select the range for current, voltage and resistance measurement

A large LCD backlit display

For the display, you'll be getting a 2000-count display that has got the backlit feature added to it for easy visibility in dim conditions.

There is also a low battery indicator which lets you know when you should be getting a new set of replacement batteries

Auto power off feature

With the auto power off feature that’s triggered 15 minutes after it’s been idle, you’ll get to save on a lot of battery power.


For utmost safety, there is the overload protection feature which protects the multimeter from being damaged.


  • LCD backlit for easy use even in dim light
  • Overload protection feature guards it against overvoltages
  • With the auto power off, you get to save on a lot of battery power


  • Though the manual ranging is usable, it would be better if it were auto ranging

Frequently asked questions

Q: can it test amperage?

A: yes, it can

Q: will it be able to measure millivolts?

A: yes but only with DC voltage

Q: can It be used to test an ignition condenser?

A: yes, just use the ohm setting.

Final verdict.

Wrapping up our best multimeter for home use review, I'd highly recommend that you pick one of the 10 listed above. Since it’s all about getting a multimeter to do exactly what you want, you should take your time before settling for one.

Pay close attention to both the functions it comes with as well as whether or not it's safe enough for home use- you could look out for UL certification.

From our buying guide on how to choose the best multimeter, you should know exactly what to look out for before making your selection.

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