Best Voltage Tester: Depth 10 Reviews

Just as it is the case with any other electrical and electronic equipment, getting your hands on the best voltage tester is no walk in the park.

 For starters, a quick search on the internet will give you hundreds of voltage testers to choose from and you’ll be lucky to find one that suits you best. Owing to the fact that there’s a lot of extensive work to be done in order to get the best, we’ve put a lot of time and resources into letting you know the way forward.

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 voltage testers you could get for your money in 2018. In addition to this, you’ll also be having a comparison chart of the top 3.

Besides just the product listing and the comparison chart, we also have a detailed buying guide which will ensure that you don’t go wrong whatsoever in getting what you want.

Well, enough with the introductions already, let’s get started, shall we?

Before we take a look at the in-depth product listing, you can have a quick look at the best of the best in 2020.

  Primary Budget Picks

Gardner Bender GTK-2

  Editor's Review

 Premium Budget Picks

Klein Tools ET60 Voltage Mete

  Editor's Review

  Deluxe Budget Picks

Klein Tools NCVT-3 Voltage Tester

  Editor's Review

Best voltage tester- the #1 buying guide

Best voltage tester

When doing any kind of DIY electrical or electronic maintenance, a voltage tester just so happens to be one of the most reliable tools.

From something as simple as installing light fixtures to troubleshooting devices for current flow, you’ll pretty much be using a voltage tester in doing most of your household maintenance. Other than just troubleshooting household appliances, you can use a voltage tester to find out whether or not there’s enough voltage to power up a given electrical equipment.

How you use one basically depends on what you’d like it to read. Well, that being said, here are some things you should know regarding using and choosing a voltage tester.

Here’s a thing or two you should know when it comes to shopping for the best voltage tester.

The design and build quality

Most voltage testers you’ll get in the market, especially the non-contact type will be compact and slimmer. This makes them easy for you to carry around.

In addition to just being portable, most voltage testers are made of thick plastic. Since you’ll be carrying these around quite often, it is important that they be as durable as possible hence the thick plastic.

As for the design, it should have a tight tip attached to it. This should make it possible for you to clip it on to your pocket

An indication system

Most voltage testers come with an LED light on them which in the presence of voltage will glow. This simply gives you a heads up that you are dealing with a live wire.

Besides the LED light, a few others will have a buzzer. In the presence of voltage, this will beep and give you a sign of present voltage. I’d highly recommend that you get a system with two indication systems so that just in case one gets damaged, you’ll have the other one to rely on

Battery options

Regardless of which voltage tester you are using, you’ll be using a battery to power it up. Some will use tiny watch batteries whereas some will utilize the AAA batteries.

Considering your own convenience and the battery life you want to keep your tester up and running, you should carefully weigh your options on which tester to settle with.

Which voltage tester is the best for you to use?

there’s quite a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to the voltage testers. The simplest you could possibly find in the market is a neon, two-wire tester that will be able to measure from 0 to 500 volts. This just so happens to be the least expensive but on the other hand, it is not the easiest for you to use and this is where the multimeter comes in.

with a digital multimeter, all you’ve got to do is make use of the red and black probes after turning the dial to the voltage station ad you’re good to go.

Setting the correct voltage range.

Depending on the current you want to check, go ahead and set the voltage tester to either DC or AC voltage.

If you're troubleshooting household appliances, you should use AC voltage and if you're handling automotive, you should switch to the DC voltage range. In addition to just choosing between AC and DC voltage, you should also know the range within which your electrical appliance lies; most residential outlets, for instance, will have a voltage that's between 120 and 220 volts.

How much will it cost you to get the best tester?

If you want it to be good enough, then you should definitely be willing to do whatever it takes to get this including. The rule of thumb when it comes to electrical and electronic devices is that if you want a safety, durability, and functionality, you should be willing to dig deeper into your pockets.

You could get a perfectly working voltage tester for around $25. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to have a digital multimeter as your voltage tester, you could spend almost the same amount of money or a little bit more

 top 10 Best Voltage Tester

Moving on to the second section of our review, how about we take a look at 10 of the best in 2018. Let’s get started with theTacklife VT01

Tacklife VT01 Advanced Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


You can tweak the sensitivity and besides just having different voltage ranges, it obeys the CAT III 1000V safety rating as well.

Different voltage test and dual range setting

With this voltage detector, you can be able to tell apart the live and null wire with the different alarm sound. For AC voltage the default measurement range is 48-1000 volts and upon adjusting sensitivity, you can measure between 12-1000 volts

Auto shut down feature.

In order to save on battery power, this tester comes with the auto shut-down feature. If not operated within 5 minutes, it turns off automatically. As for battery replacement, all you’ve got to do is turn the top black button and you’re good to go.

Utmost safety.

Since you’ll be using it with most household appliances, it conforms with the CAT III 1000V and the CAT IV 600V ratings. It is also equipped with an audible and visual sound guard for your own safety

Adjustable sensitivity.

This voltage tester also does come with an adjustable sensitivity. With the sensitivity adjustment function, you can select either the 12-1000V voltage range or 48-1000V voltage range both of which are for handling AC current by default.


  • Handles dual range voltage testing.
  • A built-in flashlight for use even in dark environments
  • The auto shut-down feature that saves on energy


  • It’s a little too sensitive making it hard to examine wires in a bundle

Frequently asked questions

Q: is the beeping loud enough?

A: yes, it is loud enough

Q: can it be able to work on aluminum wiring?

A: yes, it does seem to work on any wire conducting AC voltage between 90VAC-1000VAC

Q: what's the difference between the dual range and the others?

A: dual range testing is more accurate.

Fluke 1AC-A1-II VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


It’s pocket-sized hence easy to carry around, has got the CAT IV 1000V protection and it does have both a batter and a glowing tip all of which qualify it as the best voltage tester.

Being one of the best brands when it comes to electronics in the market, the Fluke 1AC-A1-II might just be the best voltage tester for you.

Here’s what it’s got…

CAT IV 1000 volt protection

Being possibly one of the most important features on a voltage tester, the fact that this one obeys the CAT IV 1000V rating renders it ideal for handling almost any household appliance. In addition to this, you can also use it with the mains power outlet quite effectively.

The voltbeat technology

The voltbeat technology included by Fluke on this voltage tester and a continuous self-test make it possible for you to know the voltage tester is working effectively.

Upon detecting voltage, the tip will glow and the beeper will sound as well.

90-volt to 1000-volt measurement range.

With such a huge range of voltage measurement, you’ll pretty much be able to handle almost any household electrical appliance. This makes the Fluke 1AC-A1-II quite a handy tool to have with you.


Being a pocket-sized voltage detector, it will be quite easy for you to use it at any place and time. All you’ll have to do is touch the tip of the tester to a terminal strip, an outlet or a supply cord and that’s it.


  • It’s quite easy to carry around
  • CAT IV 1000V rating for added protection.
  • Measures between 90 and 1000 volts for utmost convenience


  • The sensitivity is not that good as you have to get it really close to the specific wire you want to measure

Frequently asked questions

Q: can it determine whether a lightbulb socket has power?

A: yes it can

Q: will it measure AC behind a drywall?

A: no

Q: what batteries are needed?

A: you’ll need 2 AAA batteries

Klein Tools NCVT-1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


With a digital on and off button, a low battery indicator as well as a 9.8-foot drop protection, it just might be the best voltage tester for you

From the build quality to the performance, this voltage tester will pretty much be able to handle anything you throw at it. Let’s take a closer look at what it’s got for us.

Discrete digital on and off button

In order to make it user-friendly, there’s a discrete on and off power button that is digitally controlled

Has got a low battery indicator.

Within the Klein  Tools NCVT-1 is a microprocessor controlled low-battery indicator as well as a tester shut down.

With the two of these included, you'll know when it will be necessary to replace the battery and also save on battery power just in case you leave it idle for a while.

9.8-foot drop protection

Other than just being able to troubleshoot almost any household appliance, it will also be able to withstand a 9.8-foot drop.

CAT IV 1000V rating

By having the CAT IV 1000V rating, you can be able to use this voltage tester to troubleshoot almost any household appliance


  • Has got a 9.8-foot drop protection
  • Comes with a low battery indicator for utmost convenience
  • CAT IV 1000V protection offers utmost safety


  • The audio beep may not be audible in some environments

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it have a beep?

A: yes it does

Q: can it work to determine if an outlet box is grounded?

A: no, it only measures the flow of current

Q: does it show the voltage level?

A: it deciphers between low and high voltage depending on the rate of audible alarm

Klein Tools NCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


It will withstand a 9.8-foot drop, it obeys the CAT IV 1000V safety rating and has got a bar graph visual voltage indicator

Yet another one from Klein is the Klein Tools NCVT-3. It is designed to work in almost any environment and at the same time give you the best experience. Let’s have a closer look at how much it has to offer us.

Bright flashlight

With the bright flashlight on this voltage tester, you will be able to illuminate any dimly lit areas and in addition to this, you can use it independent of voltage detection.

Bar graph visual voltage indicator

On the voltage tester is a bar graph voltage indicator which makes use of 5 vibrant LEDs that in turn simplify visual interpretations.

This works in such a way that the higher the voltage sensed or the closer the voltage tester is to the voltage source; the more LEDs will light up.

CAT IV 1000V protection

Just like the previous one on our list, this one too does come with the CAT IV protection which deems it ideal for handling most household appliances.

Drop protection

With the 9.8-foot drop protection, it’s pretty much suitable for use in almost any environment- it’s definitely designed to take a beating.


  • CAT IV 1000V protection for utmost safety and durability.
  • 9.8-foot drop protection adds on to the durability.
  • Dual range testing for added convenience.


  • May not be audible enough in noisy environments

Frequently asked questions

Q: can I use it to check wires behind a drywall?

A: yes and only if the wall is thin enough

Q: can I use it to tell if a fluorescent fixture is dead?

A: potentially and only if you test before and after the ballast in-line

Q: does it have a beep sound?

A: yes it does.

Sperry Instruments STK001 Non-Contact Voltage
Tester (VD6504)

Editor's Rating


Besides just conforming with the CAT III 300V rating, it does have a GFCI tester and comes in a compact and ergonomic design

Almost halfway through with our review and we’re doing good so far. Let’s take a look at whether or not the STK001 is really worth your money, shall we?

Compact ergonomic design

Starting with the build quality which is also one of the most important features of this voltage tester, you'll be getting a compact design that also does have over-molded rubber grips.

This gives you both portability and ease of use regardless of where you’re using it at.

80-1000V AC voltage range

As for the voltage range, the STK001 can measure anything between 80 and 1000 volts quite conveniently. Whether you’ll be handling industrial equipment or just basic home maintenance, it surely will not disappoint you.

Comes with a GFCI outlet tester

With this, you can handle a lot of different wiring conditions with just the press of a button. It also does have the best insulation and comes in a compact design.

Utmost safety

This is the most important things when it comes to handling electrical equipment. Besides just having an ideal amount of insulation, it does conform with the CAT III 300V rating which makes it suitable for handling household appliances as well as the mains voltage.


  • A compact ergonomic design for easy usage.
  • 80-1000V AC voltage measurement
  • Fully insulated probe tip for utmost safety


  • The lights are a little bit dim

Frequently asked questions

Q: will it tell me if the power outlet is off?

A: yes, it will

Q: can it be able to test if my house is grounded properly?

A: yes, it can

Q: can it be able to test a non-GFCI outlet?

A: yes, the GFCI is an added feature

Gardner Bender GTK-2 Safety Kit, GVD-3504 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


It comes along with a GFCI outlet tester, they’re built do las and has got both the audio and visual indicators.

Right out of the box, you’ll not only be getting the standard voltage tester, but you’ll also be having a GFCI tester coming along with it. Let’s take a closer look at both of these.

Both a visual and audible indicator

This is possibly the best feature you can get on a voltage tester since if one happens to fail, the other will compliment it.

In addition to this, you can also use it in areas with poor lighting and comfortably use the audible indicator outdoors where it would be somewhat difficult for you to see the light indicator.

50-600V voltage measurement range

As for the voltage range, it is able to handle between 50 and 600 volts conveniently which makes it suitable for use when troubleshooting most household appliances.

A GFCI outlet tester

Yet another outstanding feature on this voltage tester is the GFCI outlet. This one comes in a comfortable and contoured design that makes it easy to handle.

Besides just having a good design, it features indicating lamps that are able to indicate 5 common wiring errors.


  • Has got a visual and audible indicator for added convenience.
  • Comes with a GFCI outlet tester.
  • Measures between 50 and 600 volts hence ideal for handling most household appliances.


  • The pen tester is a little bit too sensitive.

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it really come with both of the two items?

A: yes it does

Q: how do I know the GFCI tester does work?

A: the receptacle should trip when you press the black button

Q: how do I turn on the non-contact tester?

A: you’ll need to hold down the button when testing the outlet in concern.

Klein Tools ET60 Electronic AC/DC Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


It’s got the CAT IV 600V design that protects both the user and the tester as well as integrated test lead holders which make it much simpler to use.

If you’re looking for the best voltage tester, then this one from Klein Tools will definitely not disappoint you. Here’s what it packs under the hood.

CAT IV 600V design

Starting with the most important feature, it conforms with the CAT IV 600V safety rating. This renders it ideal for both industrial use as well as basic home maintenance.

It is also able to handle both AC and DC voltage measurements from 12 to 600 volts at 9 useful levels that are aligned with commonly used voltages.

Integrated test lead holders

To make it easy for you to use, it comes with the standard replaceable multimeter test lead holders for the sake of versatility.

With such a design, it will be much simpler for you to use.

Easy to use bright LED display

With the bright LED display, the voltage tester will conveniently be able to report the voltage that is present in the circuit being tested.


  • Integrated test lead holders for added convenience.
  • Easy to use bright LED display
  • Obeys the CAT IV 600V safety rating.


  • You may find the cables may be too long for most practical uses.

Frequently asked questions

Q: doesit measure continuity?

A:yes it does

Q: is the light indicator bright enough to be seen on a sunny day?

A: yes, it’s bright enough

Q: does it have a beep?

A: yes, it’s got a beep for the continuity and a visual aid for voltage testing as well.

Bside Non-Contact Voltage Detector GFCI Socket Tester Kit Dual Range 12-1000V 

Editor's Rating


The CAT III 600V rating renders it ideal for use safely in most scenarios. It’s also got a visual and audio indicator as well as multi-ranging measurement.

We’re nearly done with our review of the best voltage tester and coming up 8th on our list is the AIDBUCKS PM8908C. Here’s what you’ll be getting from it…

Multi ranging measurement

With the AIDBUCKS PM8908C, you can be able to take voltage measurements that lie between 12V and 1000V. in addition to this, it will be able to distinguish the readings as either low, moderate or high. It's definitely the best voltage tester for home users, hobbyists, and beginners.

Visual and audio indicator

With the sound and light alarm present, you can use it in literally any environment. the beep is triggered when the tester gets close to AC voltage that is greater or equal to 12V and the same goes for the flash indicator.

Auto power off feature included

Besides just being portable and easy for you to carry around, it also does have the auto power off feature. This conserves the battery power.

It also does have a flashlight that makes it ideal for use even in dimly lit environments.

Conforms with the CAT III 600V rating

For the safety rating, it’s got a CE CAT III 600V RoHS rating. This renders it ideal for use when it comes to troubleshooting household appliances


  • Has got a multi-ranging measurement that distinguishes between low, moderate and high voltage levels.
  • Both the audible and a flash notification are included.
  • Conforms with the CE CAT III 600V safety rating


  • Works a little too good; it can detect voltage even 3 feet away from an outlet.

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it work for DC voltage or it’s just AC?

A: it only works with AC voltage.

Q: can I check a car fuse with this?

A: it depends on the type of fuse present

Q: can it be able to trace a wire behind drywalls?

A: no, unless the wall is thin enough

Meterk Electric Voltage Tester Non-Contact 12V-1000V Voltage Detector

Editor's Rating


With an outstanding insulation, an auto power off feature as well as a flashlight, you can use it comfortably regardless of where you are

Coming up second last on our review is one of the few in the market that will give you a really huge bargain for your money. Let’s start by taking a look at the build quality.


It comes with a probe type induction, a plastic insulation and unlike most of the old designs in the market, you don’t have to press in order to detect the voltage.

Also, in order to ensure it’s completely safe for use, the pen has got a thickness that is twice as that of an ordinary test pen and no metallic parts are exposed.

Auto power off feature

In order to save on battery power, it’s got the auto power off feature that is triggered if it remains inactive for 3 minutes. This deems it one of the best voltage testers you could get for your money

Besides the auto power off feature, there is also the low battery indicator. This simply lets you know when it’s time to get a battery replacement

Flashlight included.

For the sake of convenience, you can utilize the flashlight if you’ll be working in dimly lit areas. In addition to the flashlight, there is also the highlighting LED which can be used as an emergency light.


Besides just having an outstanding performance, it does come with a clip that can be inserted into your pocket, collar or even a folder


  • It’s got a flashlight for use in dimly lit areas.
  • Properly insulated in order to ensure utmost safety as you use it.
  • A clip is included to make it easy to carry around.


  • It’s a little bit too sensitive

Frequently asked questions

Q: can it detect a 12V wire?

A: yes, it can

Q: how is the indicator on this voltage tester?

A:it comes with both an audible and a visual indicator

Q: what do the 4 bars mean?

A:they don’t really mean anything

Fluke 2AC Alert Voltage Tester

Editor's Rating


It’s got a circuitry that keeps it always on, has a huge range of voltage measurement and has got an added battery check function and voltbeat technology.

The last one on our review is yet another outstanding voltage tester from fluke- the Fluke 2AC. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

A glowing tip and beeper sound

In order to ensure you can use it conveniently outdoors as well as in poor lighting, it’s got a beeper that sounds upon voltage detection and a glowing tip that is triggered by voltage detection.

Voltage detection from 90 to 1000V AC

For the range, it can be able to detect voltage anywhere between 90 and 1000 volts which renders it ideal for basic home maintenance as well as industrial usage.

Battery check button function.

Now here’s something that you’ll not get in just any voltage tester. With the innovative battery check function, you’ll be able to know whether or not the battery is in good condition

It’s got an Always on power circuitry.

By making use of a special low power circuitry that sustains battery life, it will always stay on which makes sure that your voltage tester is always ready to use.


  • A battery check function to ensure your battery is in good condition.
  • With the new circuitry, it’ll always be on which makes it ready to use at all times.
  • Has both a beeper and a glowing tip for added convenience.


  • Despite having a good performance, it’s not that sturdy

Frequently asked questions

Q: can it determine if a lightbulb socket has power?

A: yes

Q: will it test my RV for hot skin condition?

A: yes, but it will read hot everywhere

Q: can it be manually turned on without pressing the pocket hook?

A: it is on all the time

Final Verdict

Wrapping up our review of the best voltage tester, we’ve taken a look at the critical areas of concern that’ll guide you in getting the best. in addition to this, you also do have a review of the top 10.

Whether you need one that’s ideal for industrial use, a poorly lit area or one that’s simply meant for basic home maintenance, we’ve got it all. I’d highly recommend that you take your time when shopping for one- you shouldn’t spend more than you need to on a voltage tester. At the same time, ensure it is able to meet all your needs.

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