What is a Multimeter tool?

If you know the tiniest bit about electronics, then you may probably have heard about the multimeter tool. A multimeter tool is used to measure basic electrical units such as the current, voltage and resistance to more complexities such as frequency.

In some cases, the multimeter tool may come with added bonuses such as having the capability of measuring temperature.

The first multimeters were designed to measure only the electrical current, voltage and resistance and as a matter of fact, they were referred to as the volt-ohm meters. Basically, there are only two major categories when it comes to multimeter tools- the digital ones and the analog ones.

Analog multimeters

The analog multimeters were the first to come around obviously. They are much simpler to use and getting your way around is quite easy. Even though knowing how to use one of these is quite easy, using it, sadly isn’t as fun as you may expect it to be. Other than it being easy to find your way around an analog multimeter, it is also cheap hence you can get one if you are on a budget.

If you have one or are thinking of getting one, you should handle it with utmost care since dropping it from your working bench to the floor could mean completely damaging it.

Digital multimeters

Analog multimeters sound like quite a burden, right? Well, to take care of all the extra care and difficulties in interpreting your values, the upgrade to the analog multimeters are the digital ones. Boasting to give you utmost ease and accuracy when it comes to taking the measurements, these multimeters are slightly expensive as compared to their analog counterparts.

As far as durability is concerned, these multimeters in most cases will come with a rubber housing for drop protection.

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