What is an Amprobe used for?

What is an Amprobe used for: With the correct electrical equipment working just as they are supposed to, you can be able to measure most electrical units perfectly.

Other than the multimeters, the Amprobe clamp meters can also be just as good when it comes to measuring a number of electrical components. If you have one with you, you can be able to measure both AC and DC voltage as well as current. In addition to this, you'll measure resistance, continuity, capacitance, temperature as well as diode continuity quite well.

Measuring AC and DC voltage.

This is the most common use of the clamp meter. In order for you to do this, you should first of all switch it to the correct measurement function using the select button.

You can use the probes by connecting them in parallel to the circuit or alternatively, you can also use the non-contact antennae. In order to do this, just set the correct option and then use the antennae close to the clamp jaws to detect the electric field around the conductors. The meter will display the strength of the field on the LCD screen.

Measuring AC or DC current

Besides voltage measurement, an Amprobe clamp meter can be used to measure current as well. First off, set the meter to the correct setting. Go ahead and open the clam using the jaw release trigger that’s located on the left side of the clamp meter. Close the clamp firmly and then center the conductor with the jaw alignment marks. The current is then displayed on the screen for you to note down.

Something to pay attention to…

While using the clamp meter to measure current, you should keep the jaws away from other devices that are carrying current such as transformers.

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