What is an Auto-ranging meter?

We have already established that there are two major classifications when it comes to multimeters and also the fact that the digital multimeters are the best that you could possibly get.

Well, something else that you need to know about the digital multimeters is that they can either be the auto-ranging ones or the manual ranging ones.

Truth be told, between the two, the auto-ranging multimeters are probably the best you could get for your money. This is so because, with them, you won't have to worry about setting the correct range when measuring the electrical units, you are interested in.

if you were to use the manual ranging multimeters, you would have to start with the largest range going downwards until you got the correct range which can be quite cumbersome and frustrating.

The auto-ranging multimeters, on the other hand, will automatically detect the range for you once you dial the multimeter to the electrical unit you are interested in.

If you are getting a multimeter for the first time, then you should definitely go for the auto-ranging multimeters. Nonetheless, as much as they may be of much help to both the experts and first-time users, they too have their own disadvantages.

If you have the range set for you every time, then you may find it hard to set it yourself if you happen to use the manual ranging multimeters.

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